What’s after Life?: Evidence From The New York Times Bestselling Book Imagine Heaven

Written By: John Burke

Narrated By: William Sarris

Date: January 2020

Duration: 1 hours 41 minutes


The Gallup Poll reports that 1 in 25 people has had a near-death experience. Their heart stopped beating, their brain waves ceased, yet they claim they were more alive than ever. With improved medical resuscitation, more and more verifiable evidence indicates that life doesn’t end with our last breath-it’s just beginning.

Drawing out the similarities found by studying over 1,000 accounts of near-death experiences around the globe, John Burke unfolds a compelling and comforting vision of a world where we are free from pain; we feel fully known and accepted; we are greeted by loved ones; we encounter indescribable beauty; and we discover a God of unconditional love.

If you’ve lost a loved one, if you’ve received a frightening diagnosis, or if you’re just curious about what happens after death, this concise look at the life to come will bring you hope and reassurance. Content derived from the New York Times bestseller Imagine Heaven.

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